Does anyone know the artist of this? If so let me know in my ask I really want to know.

That’s just awesome

Mission #4 for NJ trip

When in AC make sure to pick up something cute in a smaller size so I can be motivated to go for a walk instead of sit and watch netflix.

(I can’t wait to get my blood pressure meds on Friday. I walked to grab a pair of plugs to see if my ears shrunk enough to wear and I got chest pains [I’m sitting between 1” and 1 1/8” I sadly will never get that other ear back up to 1 1/2” without scalpelling.])




Time Travelling Tattoo - Germany

So black.

So pretty!

Mission #3 for NJ trip

Obviously get Kayce and I our matching tattoos.

Mission #2 for NJ trip

Watch super troopers cause jack ass Chris has yet to see it, he’s shunned for the next 24 hours.

Mission #1 for NJ trip

Go into a fast food restaurant and order a liter of cola and if they don’t get the reference, just walk out.